In my free time I am a keen artist, and paint in acrylics, mixed media, and oil. My art is really important to me - it feels more of a passion than a hobby.  I am particularly inspired by the sea and sky around St.Ives in Cornwall, and I love playing with the fleeting effects of light, colour, atmosphere, trying to capture something of the ever changing effects on water, sky and land.  I am a regular exhibitor with Warwickshire Open Studios (June-July), and you can see examples of my work here


Some of my paintings are also on display at The Well Centre, 2a Union Road, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. CV32 5LT. This is a small exhibition in the foyer/stairway of a very busy and excellent Pilates and Physiotherapy centre.  Do pop in for a 'taster' of my work, if you'd like to.

A selection of my cards are regularly on sale at St.Claire's gift shop, Coventry Cathedral, Coventry.

The images above and below give you a small flavour of the sort of work I have been doing over recent years. My style is constantly evolving as I experiment with paint and  textures to create imaginative impressions of sea, land and sky, and I'm currently moving towards semi-abstract work.  If you'd like to find out more about my artwork, or to enquire about purchasing a painting, do get in touch.

I also greatly enjoy photography, and all the images on this website are my own. 



 coastal_town_v2_blues_and_greens_oil.JPG  my_pics_yellow_field_old_milverton_d.jpg distant_blue_mountains_oil_abstract.JPG   down_in_that_green_place_the_crystal.jpg clouds_approaching_over_the_moors_oi.JPGmy_pics_harbour_beach_st_ives_ds.jpgmy_pics_windy_day_st_ives_ds.jpgcolourful_island_st_ives_marie_calve.jpgmy_pic_venice_reflections_ds.jpg   cloudburst_over_Mans_Head_St_Ives_oi.JPG sparkly_sea_2015.jpg my_pics_blue_boats_st_ives_ds1.jpg 


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