General experience and other interests


In addition to my work as a psychotherapist and counsellor, I worked for 15 years for Acorn Christian Healing Foundation, a national charitable organisation devoted to the work of Listening, Healing and Reconciliation.  My main role was as a trainer/facilitator of adult groups in listening skills.  

I have led experiential workshops, retreats and quiet days on a regular basis for many years now, usually on themes related to creativity, spirituality and psychology/personal growth.  

I have also been involved in a number of projects related to reconciliation within church communities.

My Christian faith is important to me and influences who I am, but I work with those of any faith or none.  I do not bring faith issues into the therapy unless the client wishes to explore this for themselves or unless it directly impacts the work we are doing.  In any case I always seek to work ethically, and never to impose my own views on those I work with.   

I have a particular interest in the area of playfulness, and experience this as something life-giving, which enables me to live more fully in the present.  Some of my workshop days provide opportunities to explore this more fully.

I fully recognise the importance of my own ongoing personal development, and my psychotherapy work is supported by clinical supervision and regular training and professional development.  I actively nurture my creativity and spirituality in various ways including painting, retreats, workshops and mindfulness meditation.  I am a keen artist and regularly exhibit my paintings - look at the 'Artwork' page using the top toolbar for more about this.

Separate note:  I'm aware there is another person called Marie Calvert out there who pops up online occasionally if you search on my name, and i just wish to make it clear that she has no connection whatsoever with me.