In addition to my psychotherapy work, I also work with groups, in various workshop and retreat settings.  

This part of my work is separate from my individual psychotherapy work, although inevitably there is overlap in terms of areas of interest/themes. My approach is experiential, interactive and multi-sensory, and I seek to be sensitive to the needs of those attending.   The themes I offer are usually broadly related to any of: Creativity/Arts, Psychology/Personal Growth, Christian Spirituality, Playfulness, and becoming more present/Mindful.  I'm happy to explore other possibilities too.  Follow the links on the left of this page for more detail about workshops and retreats.

Although many of the events I lead are for closed groups, please follow the link on the left of this page to 'Forthcoming events' for information about any open events coming up. *    

'What a huge thank you I want to give you.  That was a wonderful day. 

It surpassed my wildest hopes and I was very hopeful and confident           a_art_stuff_pastels_copy-311.jpg

that it would be good.  It was such a gift to all of us.  You have a

fabulous way of engaging sensitively with such a wide span of people. 

Thank you.'              


(comments from a workshop participant)


 *NB: I should just add a proviso here: if you are currently having psychotherapy with me it would generally not be appropriate for you to attend one of my workshops/retreats, as it can blur the boundaries of our work together - please talk to me if you are considering this.