I have led many group workshops over the years, on a variety of themes.  They tend to be interactive and multi-sensory, and include a mixture of input, discussion, group activity, creative exploration and time for individual reflection.  

They vary in style and content to suit the group. Most are for specific groups, but I occasionally lead an 'open' workshop*, which will be publicised on this website - see 'Forthcoming events' for more information.  Feel free to contact me if you would like to explore what I might offer to your group or organisation.  Some benefits of a group workshop can include: 

I just want to say a big Thank You for the excellent training session on Thursday.  I think you managed a difficult task with exceptional skill, inspiration and intelligence and the theme of the session will hopefully ‘reap’ benefits for a long time to come across the teams.'    

 Samantha Tarren, Head of Counselling, University of Warwick



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​Here are just a few examples of workshops I have led:

'The Creative Art of Therapy' –  an experiential workshop aimed at Counsellors and Psychotherapists, to stimulate imagination and explore different creative approaches.

'The Creativity of Change' – an interactive workshop exploring the ways we handle the different stages of change.

'Who do you think you are?' -  a creative workshop exploring the nature of personal calling and vocation.

'The Healing power of Play'  - an experiential workshop to help re-discover a childlike capacity for wonder and awareness of the present moment.

I have also led many workshops on other themes, eg learning how to become a better listener, etc. Some workshops are set within a Christian framework, others are broader and suitable for those of any faith or none.   Contact me to explore options.



'I found yesterday's workshop incredibly satisfying and just what I needed. You are so good at leading those days, and have been instrumental in encouraging my creativity.  I am incredibly grateful.'

(comments from a workshop participant)


'Imagination is more important than knowledge.          a_art_stuff_pastels_copy-131.jpg

Knowledge is limited.  

Imagination encircles the world.”      

Albert Einstein



* Regarding 'open' workshops: I should add the proviso that if you are currently having psychotherapy with me it is generally not appropriate to attend one of my workshops or retreats - it can blur the boundaries of our work together.  Talk to me first if this is something you are considering.