How long and how much..?


There is no standard length of time for psychotherapy or counselling, and this is something we would discuss when we meet.  

For some people a few sessions are enough to help them through an immediate issue, whereas for others (the majority), therapy is more likely to continue for a number of months, or more. I often work long-term, whereby some people choose to continue for several years, in order to work through deeper, more long-standing issues.  This is something we would discuss and agree together as we went along.  

There is a great variety of charges between different counsellors and psychotherapists.  My current standard charge is £55.  Each session lasts one hour, and I offer a free half-hour initial consultation for us to meet first and decide if we are happy to work together. If we decide to go ahead, then we will usually meet for an hour weekly or fortnightly.